Our models

At Biovapo we designed different models which meet high quality and safety standards. For some years we analysed and tested them, rigorously one by one, in order to select the easiest ways andthe sharpest details which now give us the possibility to vaporise in a simple, ecological and 100% satisfactory way.

Get to know each model, try and meet your personal exigences through them. You can then keep just one model, so choose your favourite, but of course, if you are a plants lover we recommend you not to lose the opportunity to to get all of them and explore the exuberant rage of sensations that mother nature offers you. 
Biovapo Express

Biovapo Express our models´ insignia. A simple and minimalist design that reached a pleasant welcome and an overwhelming success.

It represents the vaporisation process´ starting point whether forbeginner or professionals. It´s characterised by its simplicity, portability and elegance. Its practical size and cylindric design allow an efficient energy transfer: this enable you to reach the best result with the minimum energy input.

Biovapo Plus

It´s ideal for the most exigent and curious users. Through its extra-capacity we wanted to explore new alternatives for vapour storage.

This technique consists in not inhaling the vapour directly from Biovapo, but in blowing it into a recipient. This process delivers naturally refreshed vapour that, by being stored, give the users chance to get to know in a better way taste, smell and density of the plants vapour.

We named this technique “indirect vaporisation or vapour storage”, an extraordinary way to soften and cool the vapours which gets optimised to the top with our Biovapo Plus model.

Biovapo Touch

It´s the perfect tool for who wants to reach the limit. The Touch model will give you the possibility to get to know the quality of you plants and to discover on a different level the biochemistry you had ignored until that moment. It allows additional cooling and a wider condensation area.

Its design is sophisticated and incorporates on its two ends a special border that adds elegance and a more robust sensation on the users lips, improving in a exclusive way the entrance of the vapour flow and therefore delivering the best taste. You can refill it from both ends in a ergonomic and quick way.