We decided to gather all the most common questions that you normally ask yourself when you first meet Biovapo. Here you will find the solution to many questions you may have, in case you don´t find yours, contact our crew of Biovapers through our chat and together we will clear your doubts. 

What source of heat can I use to heat up Biovapo?
Can I use a candle or a traditional lighter?
What temperature can Biovapo resist?
Does it smell like smoke?
With Biovapo do you get the same effect as smoking?
What kind of plant can I vaporise?
Do the plant have to be extremely ground for insert it into Biovapo?
How many times can I refill Biovapo?
When do I have to stop vaporising?
How can I clean it?
Is Biovapo darkening or getting dirty over time?
What is Biovapo´s useful life?
Does Biovapo emit any kind of toxic substance?
What material is Biovapo made of?
What can I do with the oils left on the inside of Biovapo?
Vaporising with Biovapo is the same as vaporising with a dropper or a light bulb?
Biovapo looks like a test tube, is it the same?
Can I vaporise resin with Biovapo?
Why are there different models?
Something is wrong, I couldn´t vaporise in a good way. What do I do?